Comparafilm is incomparable


If you’re a film buff, you’re probably always on the look out for a good movie you haven’t seen. Maybe you’ve seen so many flicks in your genres of choice, and are so selective in your taste, basically so damn jaded, that you struggle to find a choice that’s both new and exciting. Maybe you work a lot and the prospect of crawling through the depths of the web during the little free time you have just to find a new movie that may or may not be any good just isn’t worth the effort.

If this sounds anything like your situation, check out Comparafilm, a new movie recommendation service. This isn’t your typical Amazon-type automated computer recommendation engine. Comparafilm involves a former USC film student (who has worked on Hollywood blockbusters as well as indies) giving you his personal recommendations based on his extensive knowledge and your personal taste. Comparafilm is for people tired of seeking out inventive movie rec’s only to find some Amazonian robot going, “I see you like Alien…I feel like you would like Aliens.”


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